Priorities & Accomplishments

We have and are caring for an older city. A beautiful city, with some of the best natural assets and the feeling of home, I might add, but an older city.

Yet with the investments that we are making today, you see that we are leading Hollywood on a path of great renewal - with governance that is future oriented.

Mayor Josh Levy

Making Hollywood Safer

Public safety is a top priority for Mayor Levy. With the stronger city budget that Mayor Levy helped create:

  • We have been able to hire more police officers to protect our residents.
  • Our officers now have new technology and equipment to bolster crime prevention, detection and investigation.  
  • Our schools are safer with increased funding for School Resource Officers.
  • Our paramedics and firefighters are now even better equipped with the most advanced life-saving equipment when they respond to our medical emergencies.
  • We implemented a text-alert system to better connect with you with hazardous weather and other important alerts for public safety.
  • Beach safety is better with full-time lifeguard positions and more police presence.
  • Homelessness is being addressed in more ways than ever in our city, through new and expanded partnerships with the Broward Outreach Center, social service agencies, rapid rehousing, family reunification, and a new Community Court program.
Making Hollywood Greener & More Resilient

During Mayor Levy’s tenure, the city has done more than ever to protect our environment and our water infrastructure.

  • We now have a first-ever Comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan to address flooding as the city experiences more rainfall amidst changing climate conditions.
  • With major investments in new deep-injection wells, we are ending the disposal of treated wastewater into our ocean.
  • We are protecting the city from sea-level-rise, with improvements to our shorelines and preventing tidal water backflow from our stormwater system.
  • More electrical lines are being moved underground for better storm protection and better aesthetic appearance. 
  • Mayor Levy has championed the planting of hundreds of new trees across the city to beautify the city, and help clean our air.
  • We are investing in coral reef initiatives, to create new ocean habitat and new recreational attractions close to our shore.
Making our Neighborhoods more Safe, Attractive and Affordable

Mayor Levy has led the city to create programs that ensure Hollywood continues to be a community of choice, through reinvestment in our distinctive, established neighborhoods.

  • Mayor Levy led the creation of Hollywood’s Neighborhood Pride Program, in a historic $100M, 18-year agreement that he reached with Broward County in 2018, which redirected excess beach CRA dollars to create programs that help the residents of our older neighborhoods with:  
        • Replacing old and leaking roofs that hold back access to critical homeowner’s insurance 
        • Replacing old windows with safer and more energy-efficient impact windows
        • Replacing old fences, driveways and more
        • Other programs that preserve the quality of our city’s housing stock and affordability
        • A First-Time Homebuyer assistance program and more new affordable housing
        • Work-skills programs so residents can reach higher paying jobs and start new businesses
        • Sidewalk repairs, repaving streets and alleys, drainage improvements and more
        • No other Broward city has a program like this, and Mayor Levy hopes you sign up for it 
  • Mayor Levy has worked to reduce neighborhood speeding through approval of new and expanded traffic-calming measures throughout Hollywood.
  • Mayor Levy also continues to spearhead the upgrade of our neighborhood street-lighting to brighter and more energy-efficient LED fixtures, with 5,788 streetlights improved in 2018 and 2,000 more streetlights undergoing LED conversion this year.  The next step is to add more lights, including solar-energy streetlights that are carbon-free and more quickly installed.
Making Hollywood Financially Healthier

Healthy finances are critical to the quality of life that a city can provide for its residents, and through a continuing commitment to sound financial administration and governance that is future-oriented, Mayor Levy has led Hollywood’s city government through a remarkable financial turnaround.

  • The city achieved its first structurally balanced budget in over a decade last year, and this year, our Adopted Operating Budget for 2024, is at a record 779 million dollars and is again structurally balanced. 
  • Citywide property values are now at a record $23.2 billion dollars, up a very strong 11% over last year, and up 75% since Mayor Levy was first elected, in 2016.   
  • By controlling expenses and developing reliable and steady increases in revenues through smart-growth policies, the City is finally now able to generate enough revenues to sufficiently cover ongoing expenses without the use of one-time funds or touching our reserves. 
  • This growth has led Hollywood to upgraded bond ratings, which, like a good credit score for a person, lowers our cost of financing and saves Hollywood taxpayers millions of dollars a year.   
  • This year’s growth has also allowed us to see a reduction in the total property tax millage rate, all while also implementing the city’s largest ever investments to restore our public spaces, parks, public safety facilities, neighborhood improvements and historic environmental resiliency projects.
Making Hollywood’s Citizen Services Operationally Better
  • Mayor Levy is leading a large overhaul of our building permit process.  By directing the implementation of a completely new software system, hiring additional staff and constructing a new one-stop permitting center for our Building Division, Engineering, Planning, Transportation, Mobility and Community Development departments, our residents and businesses will soon have much more streamlined and efficient building permit services to help you process your home and business improvements.
  • Mayor Levy believes that our residents and small businesses need to be made better aware of vital city services, programs and projects – and has led an effort to expand more city communications to be made available in Spanish language, to better engage with our region and city’s growing hispanic population. Si se puede! (Yes, we can!)

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