Hollywood Police finally get enough funding for body-worn cameras

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. – The Hollywood Police department is one of the fewest departments across the state that doesn’t have officer body-worn cameras, but thanks to some federal funding, more than a million dollars will be coming to this department for the cameras.

Congresswoman Frederica Wilson stopped by the Hollywood Commission Chambers on Wednesday to present the funding in person.

The department is now getting $1.7 million in federal funding for some long overdue equipment which is 250 body-worn cameras.

“I saw it as a need and I wasn’t even aware that they did not have body-worn cameras,” Wilson said.

The Mayor of Hollywood Josh Levy said the city has been trying to get the cameras, but the funding simply wasn’t there.

“It’s been something we’ve been reviewing for years, the department has internally. the technology has been continually improving and so it was just a matter of funding,” Levy said.

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